January 18, 2012: Danger! High Voltage

Letter: Mix
CD Number: 2
Track Number 7

Song: “Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six from Ms. Sagness Goes Back to Washington (A Celebration of Three Years)
Man in Hospital Bed, Possibly a bandit
(Picture taken from http://www.ausaid.gov.au/keyaid/hivaids/photoex/2.html)

Things did not go as he had planned. Fire was something different for him, an experiment and it had quite literally blown up in his face. He had mixed everything perfectly, of course. The ratios were exact. But he had not, could not have, planned for the poorly maintained stairs heading into the apartment building’s basement. One step gave way, the barrel slipped from his grip, and the chemicals were simply too volatile not to respond from the jostling.
He survived. He heard the doctors and the nurses marvel over his survival. They seemed stunned that his wounds had been so minimal and were healing so quickly. He wanted to explain to them that it was her, all her. She had inspired the art he was attempting and it was her beauty, her heart, her transcendent kindness that kept him alive, that healed him. He wanted to tell them all this, to make it clear to the doctors and the nurses and the police officers guarding his room how powerful his connection was to her. How much they were meant to be together. But the concussive force of the blast had shattered his jaw and left him temporarily unable to speak. But the moment he could, he’d tell them. He’d tell everyone. Because it was true.

He was certain of it. He had never believed in fate or powers that exceed the physical world, but then he had seen her. And she tore it all down for him so he could see the truth. Yes, she literally pulled him out of the basement that day, but her love, strong and not yet realized, was what had protected him. It was fate that first made him notice her and it was the more than human that she was that shielded him from the flames he meant to spread in her honor. The moment she touched him, he knew he would live. She was like light and healing given human form and she was all his. He knew it as sure as he knew his own name. She was his, he needed only prove himself to her.

He knew this was no easy task. He had failed once to honor her by eliminating those that sought to hurt and disrespect her. He would do better this time though. He would be safer and more ambitious. The tongues of flames would lick the sky, consuming the wicked and the innocent alike. And then she’d see. Then, she’d know. As sure as she had saved him, he was saving her. And their love would know no bounds.

He was sure. He was certain. So as he lay healing, he thought and he planned. Oh, how he planned. It would be magnificent. He would do her proud. And then they would be together. Forever.

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