Writer's Commentary: Superstar

On Post: Superstar

Date: January 26
This is another one of those posts that I completely forgot about until just re-reading it now.
It is also another one of those entries that I did not do a very good job with.
Because of that, I won’t waste much of your time here today. I’ll be quick and concise.
-It’s obvious. The song is about performing and I wrote about performing.
-The biggest problem is this: this is the kind of writing that needs to build atmosphere to sell it. I have a few clever turns of phrase (I am thinking the knight part in particular) but no atmosphere. I feint towards it, but never deliver. It is flat and airless as a result.
-The twist is only mildly amusing. I like it just fine, but the rest of the entry is so “eh” that the twist needs to save it and that’s asking too much of a fairly simple “cute” moment. If the rest of the piece was stronger, it’d be nice. Here it feels too little too late.
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