Writer's Commentary: Get Over You

On Post: Get Over You
Date: January 11
I am fascinated by relationships that end, but not really. You know, people who dated who become or stay friends, that sort of thing. I think it is probably, in part, because I am so lousy at it myself. I don’t seem to have that “gear” if you will. I kind of wish I did because I’ve dated some generally great people, but there you go.

However, because I’ve been lousy at it and seen others who were also lousy—but still did it—I tend to picture scenarios like this one when I think about it. Do I, generally speaking, actually think they go down this way? No. But do I think it greatly increases your chances of being saddled with this kind of relationship? Absolutely. It’s played for laughs, of course, but the boundary violating, delusions of reunion, etc seem very much in the realm of possibility to me. That may something profound about my view of romantic relationships and human nature, but there it is.
There are two moments in this I am particularly proud of and both come from how comfortable (or unaware of, I suppose) Calvin is with his creep factor. The first is when he compliments Ione’s figure—and how—when she points out she is the mother of two and the other is the…revelation of his bedroom activities with his ex. I always appreciate characters that are perfectly okay in their own skin despite how inappropriate they are.
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