Writer's Commentary: Gasoline

On Post: Gasoline
Date: January 13
Poor Dodge.
I’ve never driven a Duster. Never even seen one up close, I don’t think. And yet it remains my go-to lousy car. I really should be nicer to it. I really should.
Can you tell I am struggling what to say here? Because I am. Quite a bit.
I suppose it is another entry in my overgrowing body of “relationships that end but don’t” works. Well, I don’t suppose. It clearly is. I should say, “I suppose I can point out that etc etc etc.”
Part of my difficulty writing about is that I’m disappointed in it. It is not badly written, but the song, from Airborne Toxic Event, is such a perfect representation of those feelings, of having moved on with your life in almost every way but still being excited by/longing for the memories of that first love. So when I read the lyrics or listen to it, I cannot help but then look at this and think, “Damn, really screwed the pooch on this one.” Rational or not, it is how I feel. The song does it so well that this piece just feels like a…shadow of it, I suppose.
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