Writer's Commentary: Freedom

On Post: Freedom
Date: January 3
I am not a poet. I mean, if you couldn’t tell from this entry, it bears pointing out. More to the point, not only am I not a poet, I am fairly terrible at writing poetry. I love it. I also love lyrics and particularly well written rap music. For whatever reason though, I’ve never had any ability to write that kind of thing myself. I just lack that kind of lyrical ability, I suppose. I don’t “hear” it, if you will.
Yet, I tried to write it anyway. Sorry about that, but this was as much about me challenging myself as it was about producing stuff worth reading. And, as mentioned last post, I wanted to mix up my approach as much as possible. So, I knew I had to do at least one poetry post. Ultimately, I did two and I’ll talk more later about how clearly it proved I pushed my luck on that.
This post though, I have some pride in. I still clearly cannot write poetry, but there is some fun stuff in the language here that I liked. Obviously, the point was different interpretations of freedom, which I initially was resistant to. I wanted to try to avoid doing posts that were inspired by the song’s title and little else. However, after listening to David Gray’s song a few times and reading the lyrics, I felt the meaning he intended was clear (the freedom of love), but the composition was vague enough that one could use it as a backdrop for other “freedoms”: the freedom of friendship, the freedom of escape, lack of real freedom, and so on.
I also deserve credit for not literally writing “Freedom isn’t free” at any point. Because believe me, I was damn tempted.

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