The Future? Ahaha

First off, thanks to all who have followed The January Project throughout this month. It is appreciated. I hope you found a couple (or more) of pieces that you really enjoyed along the way.
Second, where does it go from here?
Well, for me, I do not just want to close up shop. I’ve really enjoyed it and I want to keep some measure of this magic going. But doing an entry every day? It was tough.
My solution then is a little something I am dubbing “Special Features.” The bulk of the special features are going to be “Writer’s Commentary,” in which I explain how I got my idea, what I think of the result, what I would have done differently with more time, and so on. I am planning to do one for every entry, including the Christmas prequel (or Zero Issue, depending on your level of geekdom).
Besides Writer’s Commentaries, there will also be “Deleted Scenes” and “Alternate Takes.” Deleted Scenes will be stories based on the Reader Suggestions I did not get to over the course of the month. There’s not a ton of them, but there are a few. Alternate Takes, there is, I believe, only one of. This is a story I almost used for one day, but pulled it back at the last moment and went in a whole different direction.
I am not promising these features every day. How often over the course of the week really depends on my work at school and practicum and my other freelance writing. How intense it gets as the days go by will really determine how often I have something new on the site. But keep an eye on my Twitter and/or Facebook and I’ll give you a heads up when I’ve got something new up. And feel free to follow any of my other writing endeavors at the meantime at Marvel, Complaint of the Week at the Living Room Times, and New Paris Press, set to debut shortly although information may be available before then here. And, as always, you can reach me at tim[dot]g[dot]stevens[at]gmail[dot]com.
For now, though, I am taking a week off to recharge. I’ll be posting amusing pictures that I come across on the internet (the first is below), but no written content, for seven days. Then, I’ll charge back, rejuvenated and ready to roll.
See you then.
And enjoy the cantankerous ant eater below.
(Oh, and extra points to anyone who can figure out what this post's title is referencing.)

What's he so mad about? Being an anteater is awesome.