January 3: Freedom

Letter: G
CD Number: 11
Track Number: 28

Song: “Freedom” by David Gray off the album A New Day at Midnight

A man in a bar.
Speaks of a regret-free life,
but can only cry

Living without strings
is fine sometimes, but others?
A hug would be nice.

“Freedom is not free,”
He proclaimed to the rapt crowd.
“So, please, write me checks.”

“Because I’ve earned
the right to live off you as
I was born so rich.”

The house was empty.
The boy, alone, with Carrie.
His folks? Out ‘til one.

The perfect setup
for “romance” and fun: being
sixteen and in love

The tent was setup.
The fire lit, crackling red.
True camping, no kids.

Just stars…and bugs and
an unseasonable chill.
Stay positive, dear

Walking up the ramp.
Fleeing the plane, legs groaning.
Exit row, must have.

Too tall for coach, too
poor for business class. Perhaps,
a train not so bad.

The taste of ice cream,
feeling wind, making choices,
dancing without fear.

Clichés all, still true.
And, on that note, it is time
To bid this adieu.

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