Last Week in the Links: 7/31-8/6/2017

Back from Utah, no longer wracked by plague. Let's do it to it!

This Site!

Beholding Bigelow is back! We start, once again, with Blue Steel, a slightly edited version of the piece that was first published in 2014. The next few weeks will be edited reprints and then we will be back to brand new Beholding columns.

In The Tuesday List I pondered other Stephen King adaptations I want to see on the silver screen as I awaited The Dark Tower coming to theatres.

Throwback Thursday also looked forward to Friday's new releases with Pacific Rim (for Dark Tower) and Panic Room (for Kidnap). One surprised me by being better than I remembered and one let me down again.


Something Something Cast hit four years and that is reason enough to listen to it. But it also features a cameo appearance from me wishing them well and a letter stepping to the throne.