The Tuesday List- So...Where'd You Go Tim?

Huh, let me just blow the dust off this thing.

Sometime the Net gets a little duty (

Sometime the Net gets a little duty (

I’ve been gone awhile. (Over a year!) You must have been sad. This my official explanation.

Reasons I Was Neglecting You/My Website

10.) Off shooting my scenes for “Inhumans.” Damn Marvel for recasting me. I was a great Black Bolt!

9.) I was on a lot of podcasts. Like a lot, folks. I’m super popular.

8.) Do people still go gold prospecting? Cool. That’s why then.

7.) It takes time to craft fire beats for my next album. See you at the Grammy’s!

6.) Extensive research into this whole Planet of the the Apes thing. You might be content to just sit around and wait for it to happen, but me? I’m going to be ready!

5.) Getting that all important bikini beach bod. Umm…it’s…well…it’s going great! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Totally bikini ready now.

4.) They didn’t want you to hear what I had to say. You know…them.

3.) Up close magic. Don’t you worry about how exactly I mean that. That’s between me and Great Maalbova.

2.) Figuring out what Poppy’s deal is. Seriously folks, there is some dark dark stuff going on with her, I just know it.

1.) I don’t know. Let’s just say Trump.  That makes sense, right? He messed up a lot of stuff.