The Tuesday List: Thanksgiving Sides

We are keeping it on that Thanksgiving tip with…

Five Must-Have Thanksgiving Sides and Five You Need to Ditch


Sausage Stuffing- Obviously, this won’t work for vegetarians so apologies on that. But for us omnivore folk, this is the way to do stuffing. The only way.  Even better if you are getting it directly from my Gram.

Biscuits and Gravy- Light fluffy biscuits soaking in gravy. Yes Virginia, heaven is a place on Earth.

Green Bean Casserole- It doesn’t make any damn sense. It looks like a mess. And yet, delicious. Life is strange, food is stranger.

Mashed Potatoes- Sometimes you just have to kick it classic style, you know?

Spinach- You need greens dammit. This is 2017, you have to at least try to take care of yourself a little.



Rice- It’s just filler. The one thing you don’t need on Thanksgiving is a food stuff that exists just to make you feel full.

Cranberry Sauce/Jelly- All gross. All so very gross.

Sweet Potato Casserole- Just skip to dessert and make yourself a Sweet Potato Pie. Honestly.

Brussel Sprouts- I don’t even dislike sprouts, but there are SO many who do that it just isn’t worth putting a table overflowing with dishes of food already.

Mushroom Stuffing- No. No no no. Also see above regarding sausage stuffing. But also, no.