Last Week in the Links: 11/06-11/12/2017

If this is late, does it still count? Yes it does! For this is...LINKS!

"Hey Korg. Stop calling me Doug, Korg."

"Hey Korg. Stop calling me Doug, Korg."

This Site!

Brian Michael Bendis, in a shocker, signed with DC Comics last Tuesday after 18 years with Marvel. I was right on the zeitgeist, suggesting 10 titles Bendis would be great at over at DC.

Then I taught you how to be the cool smart kid at the party and talk about THOR RAGNAROK without sounding like everybody else.!

Gwenpool stumbled into the Psych Ward and somehow it ended up with me getting called a cuck online. Read the article that started it all!

Two new villains based on old villains are coming to Marvel titles and I got the scoop on both: Constrictor on IRON FIST and Swordsman on CAPTAIN AMERICA.


My list was chosen for Every Story Ever and they ranked two of three of them. I do not agree with their ranks, but they ranked them!