Last Week in the Links: 10/2-10/08/2017

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick. Sometimes I just...LINK!

Lockjaw is just the best folks. (

Lockjaw is just the best folks. (

This Site!

The Tuesday List ranks the only Ridley Scott movies that matter, the ones that I like.

Beholding Bigelow draws to a close by discussing Bigelow's third masterpiece (but first chronologically) the dirty middle America vampire film Near Dark.

I ended Mental Health Week by discussing my own experiences in therapy, as a person and as a therapist.!

Saladin Ahmed and I kicked off the week by talking about Black Bolt and his return to Earth.

Iceman is on the West Coast and reteaming with his (sort of kind of, time travel is involved) old Champion teammates to fight Sentinels. So of course Sina Grace and I talked about his first date. And that stuff too.

Devin Grayson AND Power Pack are back. As Power Pack are fictional characters, I talked to Devin about her return to Marvel to pen the team.

I spoke to one of my favorite writers of all-time Peter Milligan as he discusses his new Marvel title LEGION. Please ignore how often he uses the word "insane."


Over on Nation of Nerds, I pitched my ideas for TV shows that can transition to comics. If you know any publishers who might be interested, have them get at me.

Filmspotting starts off this week's episode by discussing this very site and Beholding Bigelow in particular as part of a Squarespace promotion. WHOA!