Last Week in the Links: 9/25-10/01/2017

What's the only thing better than sausage links? THESE LINKS!

Look at how adorable these two knuckleheads are.

Look at how adorable these two knuckleheads are.

This Site!

With SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING out on digital last week, The Tuesday List hopped on the bandwagon by ranking Spidey's silver screen antagonists.

Strange Days enters the spotlight in the latest Beholding Bigelow and it turns out I LOVED IT! Loved it to the tune of 2300 words, no less.!

This week's theme is...REUNION!

Al Ewing and I are reunited and just in time for me to reassure you Cannonball isn't dead...yet.

Before Jean Grey is completely and totally back, she has possessed Emma Frost--a reunion of sorts-- so I took a look at their long history together.

The Human Torch and the Thing have reunited. Is this the first step towards the return of the Fantastic Four? You have to read my article to find out. Maybe.

The Hawkeyes--Kate and Clint--have teamed up once more and writer Kelly Thompson tells me all about the pending reunion.


You can't hear my voice on Comics Will Break Your Heart, but you can hear a couple of questions from me.

Over on Nation of Nerds, I discussed my complex feelings on Punisher, the idea of him as an icon, and my discomfort with his increasing adoption by military and police units.

The Something Something 'Cast welcomed me back to discuss the Defenders, the latest Marvel/Netflix series and generally just be my delightful self. Listen to me refer to myself as the "Stan Lee of today," apparently as a compliment.