Last Week in the Links: 5/25-5/31/2015

Welcome to a new era. For me! You are unlikely to notice the difference, but, like I said, big news for me. So welcome to the first day of my new job. And to the week that was.

On The Site

ALOHA got slaughtered by critics last week, but I hold out hope that Cameron Crowe will, someday, return to form. In the meantime, the Tuesday List reminds you what he did that was good as I rank Crowe's films objectively and subjectively.

Complaint of the Week dips its toe into the Josh Duggar controversy, not to defend or bury him but to talk about the reality of underage sexual offenders.

KNOCK, KNOCK, the new Keanu Reeves' thriller, just released a fairly attention grabbing trailer. I overanalyze and overthing the whole shebang in last week's Pop Culture Musings as I explore its psychosexual implications.

Flashback Friday took in a BRIDESMAIDS and KISSING A FOOL double feature as prep work for the upcoming SPY and ENTOURAGE releases.

The Rest of the Internet

It's the post-apocalyptic bout you've been...well I don't know if you've been waiting for it, but it's here anyway. I tell you the Tale of the Tape for AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES. Robots battle the undead. WHEE! 

Sanford Greene describes his style and his character designs for RUNAWAYS and I was there to  catch and publish the words.