Last Week in the Links: 4/27-5/3/2015

Welcome to the new week. Now look back at the old!

On The Site

Martin Scorsese visits the Tuesday List so I can break down the entirety of his filmography and tell you, briefly, exactly how you should feel about the movies.

The Rest of the Internet

New York is on fire and Dennis Hopeless is there to stoke the fires. And I'm there to talk to him about in Igniting the Inferno, the story of the upcoming SECRET WARS related limited series. You didn't think he was really burning NYC, did you? His name is real, the fire is not.

Spider-Verse may have just ended, but it is back again! There's nothing SECRET WARS can't do! Meet the spider-characters in my spider-article and spider-enjoy the spider-hype. SPIDER!

Lastly, I'm somewhere in this photo. Upper rightish. Look closely.