Last Week in the Links: 4/6-4/12/2015

Not much doing for me last week. Still solid though. Lots of entertainment. Seriously. Don't sleep on this one.

On The Site

Adaptations were on  my brain with the DAREDEVIL Netflix series on the horizon, so I channeled that into the Tuesday List and took on the film adaptations of Nick Hornby's work.

And speaking of Daredevil, I wrote all about where my love of the character began and why it endures in a rambling sloppy piece that is hopefully buoyed by my unapologetic enthusiasm for the Man without Fear.

The Rest of the Internet

Oh and wouldn't you know it, more Daredevil here too. My last Hornhead Spotlight takes readers into the Brubaker/Lark era--behind bars, overseas, and to the top of the Hand power structure.