Last Week(s) in the Links: 3/2-3/23/2015

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On The Site

The Tuesday List let's you see how Val Kilmer got the title "The Greatest" by giving you his film career canon.

I take on the "parent thinkpiece" by discussing the ways it makes people, especially moms, feeling bad for being human and reminding them all the ways they're doing it wrong.

I then pick a fight with that "I'm trying to teach my kids about internet safety so pass this pic around, ok" device you see on Facebook since 2013.

The Rest of the Internet

Ok. There's a lot. So let's just go lightning round, shall we?

Secret Wars Correspondence pieces abound with the semi-return of the classic SQUADRON SINISTER, CAPTAIN MARVEL hailing from a near utopia of all women, rolling the clock back to the early 90's with X-MEN '92, and renewing the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane and adding a kid, 

I am also getting to write extensively about my favorite hero, Daredevil, with two Spotlight features, the first on Ann Nocenti's run and the second on D.G. Chichester's time on the title