Last Week in the Links: 2/23- 3/1/2015

Hey guys. My system is still shaking the plague so I'll be quick. Here's stuff I did last week. Play catch up!

On The Site

America's Greatest Living Movie Star visits the The Tuesday List as I let you, the people, know what is the Canon of Tom Cruise, what's close to canon, and what should be avoided, no matter the cost.

Later in the week I went thoughtful with a contemplation of life, death, and hot cups of coffee as I discuss my son's first birthday, my Gram's 90th, and the death of my aunt at age 54 from cancer, all of which happened over a 9 day period.

The Rest of the Internet

Nathan Edmondson is again in the spotlight in one of my articles as we talk SECRET WARS some more and his other big book entering "Last Days" BLACK WIDOW.

The Thor Corps reborn...kind of. THORS is coming, with the Thunder Gods of various worlds banding together as an inter-reality police force. Thunderstrike! Throg, the Frog of Thunder! BETA RAY BILLLLLLLLLL! This one's got it all and Jason Aaron talked to me about it.