Last Week in the Links: 11/30-12/6/2015

Good morning. The time is now and the place is here. The whole world is filled...with links!

On The Site

The Tuesday List takes a long look at Spike Lee and gives you his canon- the best, the still worthy of consideration, and the worst.

The high school I graduated from in the greatest town in the world still plays its sports under the "Indians" name. So I did the right thing and gave them a bunch of suggestions they should change their name to instead. I am helpful.

With Creed new in theatres, I did the only reasonable thing and closed the week with the all-time accurate rankings of the Rocky films.


The Rest of the Internet

I wrote about Daredevil last week, as is tradition. New DD writer Charles Soule talks his favorite runs in one of those listicles the internet loves!

Not by me, but about the tree farm where I got my holiday tree this week. Seasons Greetings! It's a nice heartwarming story for the season.