Last Week in the Links: 11/23-11/29/2015

Don't call it a comeback because that would hurt my feelings.

Anyway, week 2 on the working the site again tip.

On The Site

Want to know how the Bond films of my lifetime rank? Well the Tuesday List has the answer. Even if you didn't want it. But why wouldn't you want it? Why would you be that way?

Thanksgiving has passed, but that doesn't mean Wednesday's tips on surviving it won't still be useful for a certain birthday coming up or maybe a festival of lights.


The Rest of the Internet

My latest on Marvel. com features heroes going bad as I promoted the latest member to join the formerly good now evil club Silk.

My hehe HAHA funny writing is again able to be heard in the latest Hunger Games related Read It and Weep podcast during the Top 5 section.