Last Week in the Links: 11/16-11/22/2015

Hey, we're back! That's not make a big deal about it though, ok?  Let's just pretend things are normal and life is bouncing along normally. Normal. Ya dig?


The Rest of the Internet

Benjamin Urich is arguably one of the best and most human characters in the Marvel Universe. I recalled some of his finest moments of heroic journalism in a slideshow article.

Mockingbird has been great for years (shout out Jim McCann's Hawkeye & Mockingbird limited series!) but now everyone is catching on. Marvel, smartly, is capitalizing on the moment with a brand-new ongoing from novelist Chelsea Cain. Enjoy her sharp wit and my dull prose that I wrapped around it.

You can't hear my voice but you can hear my writing on the LIfe and Death (Twilight Reimagined) episode of the Read it and Weep podcast. Listen to it all but pay attention to the Top 5 feature towards the end when I unfurl my smarts.