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The Serpico Mixes ask the deep important questions on the Hypothetical Disc. As always Skip Serpico provides the tracks, I give the criticism. As a bonus this time out, I also answer the "If..." questions with what I can only describe as hilarious and deeply insightful results.

Episode 2 of This Never Happened the Podcast hit the streets with me arguing for Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND and Frank Miller's Holy Terror to be obliterated from the pop culture landscape--for reasons of ghastly CGI and a stultified director in the former's case and racial/religious discrimination and just plain ugly art and writing in the latter.

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Flash Thompson, you know, Agent Venom, returned to the Psych Ward last week to get cleared for space travel. I refused to give him the ok, but you know how these things go.

Psychology, zero. Alien parasites, one! (image from

Psychology, zero. Alien parasites, one! (image from