Last Week in the Links: 11/17-11/23/2014

On This Site

There were some updating issues that messed up when my Beholding Bigelow of Zero Dark Thirty went up so here it is again and we'll be right as rain and back on schedule this week for Point Break.

The largest, most in-depth Tuesday List yet focused on the human monsters that populate the X-Files, including ones portrayed by Bryan Cranston, Lili Taylor, and Giovanni Ribisi.

The Rest of the Internet

As the Inversion continues to blanket the Marvel Universe in confusion, I set out to use my therapist's couch to cut through the fog. Last week, it was Sabretooth and Nightcrawler who seemed to have completely changed who they once were. See me struggle to make sense of it all in the latest Psych Ward.

Coming This Week 

Beholding Bigelow and The Tuesday List are assured. But with Thanksgiving (here in the US) on the way, who can say what kind of holiday gluttony may seize me.