The Week in Tim Stevens's The January Project

As The January Project has its own separate section of the site, some visitors might miss it. No worries though, I'm here with this summary of the week that was to direct you to all the entries for January 1- January 5. Read and enjoy, won't you? 

January 1: Shuffle: A student returns from college to find life at home is just as chaotic as ever, but he can leave for the first time. Should he?

Selected song: Bombay Bicycle Club's "Shuffle."

January 2: Battery Kinzie: Two high school students' journal entries reveal a very different recollection of an event.

Selected song: Fleet Foxes' "Battery Kinzie."

January 3: My Boy Builds Coffins: A mother courts a not very interested young woman on behalf on her son.

Selected song: Florence + The Machine's "My Boy Builds Coffins."

January 4: You Were Good: In the wake of the end of one of their relationships, two college best friends gather amongst the packed boxes of a move, to talk where they've been and where they're going.

Selected song: Jimmy Eat World's "You Were Good."

January 5: Leslie: Stuck at the top of a broken ferris wheel a girl ponders, in verse, who's really trapped.

Selected song: Nataly Dawn's "Leslie."