Flashback Friday: We're the Millers

I want Jason Sudekis to succeed. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this film is going to help with that endeavor.

Similarly, while I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan, per se, I also don’t particularly dislike her and wouldn’t mind seeing her mine some of the skills to greater effect. Some of my favorite performances from her (not films she was necessarily, just her acting in them) come from dramatic performances like THE GOOD GIRL, FRIENDS WITH MONEY, and her voice work in IRON GIANT. It seems unlikely that her role as a stripper—which is whole other rant about roles for women in Hollywood—with a terrible wig will ask her to call upon the same muscles as those other performances did.

The children I have no feelings about, really, one way or another. Well, I still can’t believe Emma Roberts is Eric Roberts daughter, but otherwise, no feelings. In fact, in taking a look at their filmographies, I realized I’ve only seen one movie of either of theirs—SCREAM 4. But hey, I wish them well. Of the two, maybe Roberts can do something with her part, while Will Poulter seems to be the one stuck with the naïve guy held up for humiliation thankless role.

Overall though, this isn’t a movie I can imagine rushing to see. Maybe the reviews will surprise, but it has the feel of “the best jokes are in the trailer and they aren’t great.”



I love that they used "Maneater" as an insult on this poster. I sort of wonder how many other potentially more offensive words they went through first. (image from rottentomatoes.com)

I love that they used "Maneater" as an insult on this poster. I sort of wonder how many other potentially more offensive words they went through first. (image from rottentomatoes.com)

HORRIBLE BOSSES, of course, starred both Sudekis and Aniston—although the two do not share a ton of screentime—which is why I’m looking at this one here. This also has the unique designation as the last film my wife and I saw together before our daughter Princess Thunderella was born.

There’s a ton of talent here: Sudekis, Aniston, Charlie Day, the great but terrible chooser of films Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Lindsay Sloan, Colin Farrell, and Donald Sutherland and I remember being fairly certain this was going to be a great, knock ‘em dead comedy.

It’s not.

It’s not bad either though.


When I think of the movie, I can remember moments that were strong, funny, and that I enjoyed. But when I consider the package as a whole, it feels…mediocre, I suppose. Vignette-wise, the movie does great things. As a complete film, though, it just doesn’t work. Like a lot of comedies, recently, I think, it feels more like a collection of moments then a plotted film.

If you're a big fan of anyone in the movie (like I am with Spacey and Bateman) then recommended. Otherwise, you might find it too slim. 



The director of MILLERS directed this one and if one resembles the other, a lot of people will like MILLER and I’ll be all like, “It’s ok, I guess.”

As with BOSSES, I can recall some funny moments. Bateman as the ESPN 8 (THE OCHO!) announcer is delightful. Lance Armstrong’s monologue, despite the fact that we know now he made the film into a house of lies with it, is excellent. Unlike BOSSES, I can list off the best parts in one sentence. But people do seem to like it, so, you know, maybe you will too.

Why, Lance... whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?! (photo from milkthefranchise.com)

Why, Lance... whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?! (photo from milkthefranchise.com)

Fast forward to the Lance Armstrong speech and the bits where Bateman talks. Otherwise, skippable.