Ben Affleck Agrees to be Batman, The Untold Story

So here's a dumb thing I did. 

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Please note: May or may not be accurate.


WARNER BROS: We’d like you to direct our JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

BEN AFFLECK: Oh? Can I play Daredevil in it?

WB: We don’t actually have the rights to Daredevil.

BA: Oh, right, right. DC, Marvel. Forgot that. Do you guys have a character like Daredevil?

WB: I don’t know….Doctor Mid-Nite, maybe?

BA: Great. Can I play him?

WB: Probably not going to want him in this movie. Doesn’t really fit, you know?

BA: Jeez, guys, I don’t know then. I loved being Daredevil you know?

WB: Well…how about this: you play Batman. In a Superman movie.

BA: Those are ears though, right, not horns? And he sees fine.

WB: Sure. But you could pretend you are playing undercover Daredevil.


Undercover Batman (picture from

Undercover Batman (picture from