April Fools Day Suggestions #13

April Fools Day is a hard holiday to get just right. You want to be part of it, of course, but how? What's a good fresh gag that people can love? How can you stand out from the pack? As always, we're here to help with this insightful series.

#13: Repetition is a Prankster's Best Friend

Finish all of your statements all day with the phrase, “April Fools Day!”


Boss: “Will that project be ready for launch next week?”

You: “Oh definitely.”

B: “Wow, that’s grea—”

Y:“April Fools Day!”

B: “Ahh. Good, if inappropriate, one. So it won’t be ready ahead of schedule then.”


B: “Well, I certainly understand. It was a very short wind—”

Y:“April Fools Day!”

B: “So…wait, will it or won’t it?”

Y: “Whatever you need it to be!”

B: “Great, great. If we can roll it out early that’ll mean big prof—”

Y: “April Fools Day!”

An hour later

B: “Ok, this time, please, just be serious. Can you do that?”

Y: “Absolutely.”

B: “Are you sure now?”

Y: “Of course. Totally serious.”

B: “Fine. Thank you. So…Will. We. Be. Able. To—”

Y: “April Fools Day!”

B: (sounds of a complete psychotic break)

Try it today!