Now Announcing: Will They or Won't They?

It’s March and that’s just the right time to start The February Prompt, don’t you think?

Ok, ok…perhaps we are a bit late.

However, the month of February was dominated by me finishing this here fancy sight so The Prompt got bumped. But here it is!

This year’s theme is: Will They or Won’t They?: Stories of Ambiguity in Love. Whether it be first dates that could promise more, old friends that seemed poised on the edge of something deeper, or a long term couple that might be losing the love, all of our stories in March will revolve around those moments of wondering if person A is in love with person B and/or vice versa.  

For those that missed last year’s, Breaking Up to a Beat, let me explain how this goes.

Much like Tim Steven’s The January Project, each entry will feature an original piece of fiction inspired by a song. There will be a new entry, from here forward, every weekday. Unlike the January Project, you will not be stuck with my voice alone. As with last year, I’ve tapped several other writers to spring their unique perspective on the topic in the days to come. I’ll still pop up, especially these first few days, but it is really their show.

AND! To make things really interesting, The Prompt doubles as a writing contest in which you, the reader, will be able to choose the winner from amongst all the talent. All the power, all yours!

Before then, however, there are still slots to be filled. If you or anyone you knows has an itch to do some writing that’s read by others on the internet and the theme/format appeals to you, you/they are welcome aboard. So spread the word, share this information, and encourage them, or yourselves, to let me know by either email at tim[dot]g[dot]stevens[at]gmail[dot]com or @UnGajje on the mighty Twitter.

And if you just enjoy reading original fiction, be back tomorrow for when the fun starts.