Last Week in the Links: 10/28-11/03/2013


Things got spoooooooooooooooooo (pause to catch breath) ooooooooooooooooky last week as I brought the whole of the Legion of Monsters into the office for some good ol' fashioned psychoanalysis in this week's Psych Ward at Freudian therapy might be so out of favor it is undead but so are these guys! I'm hilarious! 

Wait. Where are you going? I have plenty more. Don't you want to hear them? 


Yes, the moon can effect someone's mental health, Werewolf by Night, but this is ridiculous! 

N'Kantu, tell me about your Mummy!


Until you can make your identity your own, Creature, you'll never feel whole. Time to stop letting people call you Frankenstein. 

Are you even thinking, Simon Garth? Your decision making process is almost brainless! 

I've heard of people having dad issues, Satana, but this is ridiculous! 

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(I promise you, no one hates me as much as I hate myself right now).